Mangemangeroa Walkway Extension, Pohutukawa Avenue, Shelly Park, Howick 

Auckland Council recently undertook a project to extend an existing walkway in front of 14 residential properties along a river bank to provide a link to the coast

From the outset there was strong opposition to the proposal from the majority of the residents who historically had maintained the esplanade reserve fronting their properties incorporating the land into their own individual gardens

The work involved the construction of a narrow way finding route using a mix of compacted aggregate and stabilised turf, with way finding bollards installed at strategic points to assist the pubic in identifying the public space. Gabion baskets were also installed on one section of the route to retain a eroding section of the bank

With initial tendering of the project returning no offers of service, Jesmond Construction were approached and a contract entered into for the works

Given the level of opposition from local residents, Jesmond embarked on an extensive relationship building exercise, approaching all property owners prior to commencing construction

Through Jesmonds efforts it is fair to say not one negative comment was received by council with several properly owners reporting their satisfaction as to how the works were undertaken

The works were completed on time within the agreed budget

Council has no hesitation in recommending this company for similar projects particularly where community relationships are sensitive