I am a director for Urban Solutions Ltd, a consultancy company providing engineering and project management consulting services to local government clients such as Auckland Council Urban Solutions was contracted to project manage and act as Engineer to the contract for the construction of the Nelson Street Culvert Upgrade in Pukekohe. Jesmond Construction Ltd tendered for this project and won the contract on price and attributes. I would like to say on behalf of my colleagues and I that we have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Jesmond Construction project team, and we found then to be totally competent, professional and enthusiastic in all aspects of managing this construction project. One of the technical challenges from the outset was the requirement for accurate piling lo enable railing to be fixed to the front face of the poles. Jesmond Construction achieved a greater than specified accuracy in the piling of the poles that resulted in a successful outcome. Any issues that arose on site were proactively resolved with Jesniond in an amicable and professional manner. The Jesmond team took a professional and proactive approach to both health and safety and environmental protection requirements throughout the construction period. As a result we had a safe site without injury and no issues arising from independent environmental audits. The completed project is excellent and both Auckland Council and Urban Solutions are extremely pleased with the outcome. Please do not hesitate 10 contact me if you require further informalion on Jesmond Construction Lid