The Grange Land Bridge

Client:  Puddicombe Golf
Duration:  April – May 2018
Value:  $400 000 +gst
Project Manager:  Layne Jones

This project involved the desludging of the existing dam, keying in suitable fill and compacting.  Laying twin 750 o culverts with wing walls.  Supplying and placing 700m2 of rip rip armoring.

Belmont Park Estate Subdivision

Client: Henry Chiang   Luis & Jason Yang
Consultant: Civil Plan
Duration: December 2016 – December 2017
Value: $6.2 million +gst
Project Manager: Layne Jones

This project was to construct a 120 lot subdivison in the Belmont area west of Pukekohe.
The works involved earthworks of 40,000 m3, roading and parking bays, storm water and wastewater drainage, water main, power trenching and telco services.
Also a separable portion included upgrading Victoria Street West, (managed by Steve Maynard).

Bayvista Pump Station Upgrade

Client: Hingaia Estate
Consultant: Candor 3
Duration: May 2018 – September 2019
Value: $400 000 +gst

This project was to install a fibre glass tank to the existing pump station.
The pump station remained live at all times.  The pumps, valve work and electrical were also upgraded.
Once the pump station was completed we connected the subdivision to the network.

Grove Road Pump Station Upgrade

Client: George Land Ltd & Veolia
Consultant: Terra Group
Duration: November 2018 – February 2019
Value: $1.2 million +gst

This project was an upgrade of the existing Veolia pumpstation.
Sheet piling was used to support the ground so that two fibre glass tanks could be installed.
The tanks give 220 m3 of emergency storage to the network.
The electrical and pumps were upgraded to 18.5 kw flight pumps.
A new 250 diameter mag flow was installed to the rising main.

Ross Reid Pump Station

Project: Ross Reid Pump Station
Client: Kirkdale Investments Ltd
Consultant: Harrison Grierson Consultants Ltd
Duration: 6 weeks February 2014
Value: $352 371

This project was to build a waste water pump station for Kirkdale Investments that would be handed over to Watercare on completion of the new subdivison at Wattle Downs Manurewa.

This is the fourth pump station that Jesmond Construction has built for Ross Reid Contractors. It consisted of supplying & installing Flygt CP 3057-3PH MT/Mt size 44mm, 2.4KWQ pumps with discharged bed to the top sump; all associated pipe work; class x 2050 NB concrete manhole sections to form wet well complete with flanged base & precast lids; 3m diameter concrete storage tank and all associated pipework & vehicle crossings.

Piet Botma was Project Manager in charge of the liaison and coordination of personnel with suppliers. Tania Jones was the Health & Safety Manager in charge of all on site health & safety. Dean Harris was the specialist pump station builder who coordinated his crew to complete all works required to build this pump station and storage tank.

Pernod Ricard Stormwater Treatment Plant

Project: Pernod Ricard Stormwater Treatment Plant
Client: Pernod Ricard New Zealand
Engineer: Integrated Waste Management Systems
– Mason Brown
Duration: December 2012 – February 2013
Value: $163 486

This project was to install a new stormwater treatment plant to separate the stormwater from the buildings and the carparks at Pernod Ricard Bottling Plant and then process it through a sand filter returning it back to the stormwater system. The construction of the pump station and filtration system was completed by our own in house employees.
The project required precision and accuracy as well as coordinating all works with Pernod Ricard Management as it was a high security area we were working in. Extra caution had to be taken when excavating around the buildings so the ground did not slump causing the buildings to collapse.

Nelson Street Culvert Upgrade

Client: Auckland Council
Consultant: Urban Solutions
Duration: Dec 2011 to March 2012 (4 months)
Value: $670,000

This contract consisted of building the continuation of the retaining wall up the Tutanui Stream, Pukekohe, between Manukau Rd to Nelson St. We used coffer dams to separate the different stages of work. Excavation of the stream to enable us to drill the pilot holes for the piling of the 600 timber poles 300mm dia x 9m long, 300 lm each side of the stream. Piling of the 600 poles by means of using our own machinery. Installation of the boards using coach screws. Geotextile and gabion rock was installed on the stream floor. Installation of the motorway grade pool fences both sides of the 200 lm stream bank. Back fill of the retaining wall and reinstatement of the surrounding ground.

Opaheke Sports Field Development

Client: Auckland Council
Consultant: Fraser Thomas – Murray Discombe

The Opaheke Sports Fields physical works project is the building of eight new sports fields at Opaheke in Papakura. The works involved 90,000m3 earthworks, drainage, sub soil drainage, roading, carparks and landscaping.

Auckland Tramline Daldy & Halsey Street Upgrade

Client: Hawkins Open Spaces – Paul McNeal

We were subcontracted by Hawkins Open Spaces to complete the tramline upgrade section of the Daldy & Halsey Street upgrade works. This involved pulling up the existing tramline, straightening it and then re-laying it in the new prepared area.

Manukau Memorial Gardens – Stage 1

Client: Auckland Council
Consultant: GHD Consultants Ltd -Johan Bester
Duration: June to August 2012
Value: $635,995

This project was to build the first stage of the Manukau Memorial Gardens Western Block Development being the new area for the burial of children and babies. Designed by Landscape Works of Christchurch, it is a completely new design for the cemetery that is to be the template for the future stages of the Western Block. We installed exposed concrete paths for pedestrians as well as the hearse to drive on, ducting, park furniture and planting of the gardens. Jesmond started the project at the end of June and despite the inclement weather remained on schedule and achieved a very high quality standard in the completion required for this new area.

Manukau Memorial Gardens – Stage 2

Client: Auckland Council
Consultant: Blue Barn Consultants Ltd -Sam Jackman

The Memorial Gardens Western Block Development Stage 2 was the next stage of the new area being developed for the Memorial Gardens. This project involved building new footpaths, sub-soil drains, sewer and water installation, the installation of a feature precast wall, landscaping and planting and the installation of street furniture. The final stage of the works is to upgrade the Western Block entrance and close off the Eastern gate entrance off Puhunui Road.

Auckland Waterfront Tramway – Wynyard Quarter

Client: Waterfront Auckland
Consultant: Mike Caulfield
Duration: Dec 2010 to July 2011
Value: $5,000,000

This contract was completed as a joint venture with Dominion Constructors. There were two portions to this contract. The first of which was to construct/lay 1.5km of new tramline. The tracks were installed on the left hand side of the carriageway. The track sleepers were then concreted in place and the road was restablished. Thermic welds were used to join the tracks. Over 300 welds were completed. The accuracy of laying the tracks was +/- 2mm for height and position.

The second part of the contract was to construct a building to house the trams. The building is 25mx15mx8m high. This was erected by Sheds2Go in Drury. The building featured a custom lift and pit for servicing the trams. Also staff ammentities and offices were constructed inside.

Rosa Birch Synthetic Hockey Field Construction

Client: Auckland Council
Consultant: Ian Simonsen
Duration: November 2010 to April 2011 (5 months)
Value: $1 200 000

This was the first project let by the newly formed Auckland Council. We were to build a new synthetic hockey field adjacent to the old hockey field at Rosa Birch in Pukekohe. We 100% completed all the earthworks, drainage, sub base, fencing and retaining works with all our own labour, machinery and equipment.

There were 650lm of fences ranging from 1m to 6m high requiring footings up to 4m deep. We also completed the upgrade of the existing car park entry road from Beresford Street. There were 220lm of concrete block retaining walls ranging from 1m to 1.6m high. We also installed 8 floodlight bases, requiring footings of 4.2deep by 900 dia wide.

The Counties Hockey Association were extremely happy with their new synthetic turf.

Searle Properties Subdivision Woodhouse Road Patumahoe

Client: Stuart Searle
Consultant: Madsen Lawrie Consultants
Duration: December 2010 6 months
Value: $1 700 000

Stage 1: 85 lot subdivision with lots ranging from 500m2 to 2000m2

Quantities Involved: 25000m3 earthworks, 6000m2 asphalt paving and roading, 6000m2 foothpaths and driveways, 1700lm kerb and channel, 5000lm trenching for power and telephone, 1800lm watermain and 85 connections, 1700lm sewer drainage, 2100lm stormwater drainage, 300m3 of solid rock break out and excavation.

We have constructed a 4500m3 stormwater quality retention pond by diverting a live stream.

After looking at the original design for the quality retention pond, Jesmond came up with the concept to turn the retention pond into a lifestyle feature for the subdivision. To do this Jesmond have built a 4m long by 3.6m wide bridge over the inlet end and built retaining walls and foot paths with associated plantings of native grasses and reads in the pond. All surfaces were weed matted prior to planting. At the outlet end there has been a split rock spillway constructed using the rock that was excavated on site and a dissapation pool, breaking the water flow. This is an environmentally friendly pond with native plantings and a fish path at both ends.

Van den brink Retail Centre Manukau

Client: Van den brink Properties Ltd
Consultant: Harrison & Grierson Ltd
Duration: November 2007 to April 2010
Value: $5 150 000

This was a lump sum project starting with demolition, set out, cut to waste of 42,000m3, lime stabilisation 10,000m3, preparation of base course for carparks and internal roads 10,000m3, supply and lay 1300m of 150-600dia stormwater drains, two stormwater pump stations, 3,900lm sub soil drains, 500lm of 150dia waste water drains, 1km of watermain, 1500lm of power ducting construction of carparks and internal roads 10,000m2, installation of internal security lighting, 120lm acoustic wall, 150lm of relocation of security fencing, landscaping and planting and the installation of traffic lights and road upgrade on the Great South Road, Manukau.

Colin Woolliams was Project Manager on site coordinating all works, personnel, material supplies and subcontractors. Colin administered the project through implimenting our Quest & Summit Health & Safety, Quality & Environmental Systems. All work was inspected and checked for compliance and records were kept on site. All works passed to council standards.

Tania Wolfenden was in charge of health and safety onsite, holding all site inductions with personnel, subcontractors and suppliers and implimenting the site specific safety plan. During this project we acquired the ACC WPSM Tertiary Level for the fourth consecutive year (audited biannually).

Traffic Management on the Great South Road was supervised by Colin Woolliams (STMS level 1,2,3) and implimented by Pro-tect Traffic Management. We use Pro-tect as they are a local company with a very high standard in their traffic management. All roading was completed inhouse with our own personnel.

The overall value of the project was $30million with our civil portion being worth $5.15 million. The project handover to the principal was without any complications and ontime.

Motat Tramway Extension at Western Springs

Client: Museum of Transport & Technology
Consultant: Colin Zeff & Associates assisted by Tonkin & Taylor
Duration: July 2006 to March 2007
Value: $1 600 000

The contract consisted of the construction of 620m route length of reclaimed street tramway, plus loops and sidings giving a total track length of 810 meters.

Continuous traffic control had to be put in place as Motions Road is a very busy road with the traffic from Auckland Zoo, local Western Springs College and The Performing Arts Training Centre.

The majority of the construction was over a disused tip. A specialist form of ground stabilisation was used called impact rolling to compress and strengthen the bearing surface. A bulk fill area employed the use of polyrock to protect a 1914 existing sewer. Up to 500mm depth of GAP65 was then placed over a geotextile membrane onto which a 100mm thick by 3000mm wide reinforced concrete bed was laid. The reclaimed rail was cut, straightened, drilled and curved to suit and laid on packers on the concrete bed to the specified tolerances. The whole was then encased in a 200mm deep by 2400mm wide reinforced concrete surround.

Major utility service diversions were carried out by Vector and Metro Water. Traction poles (30 in total) and overhead conductor wires were erected. In addition a tram and pedestrian controlled crossing was installed across Motions Road.

A very successful project leading to a nomination for the NZ Contractors Federation Construction Awards.

The Landing Stage 2A & 2B Okahu Bay

Stage 2A Stage 2B
Client Auckland City Council Auckland City Council
Consultant: Harrison & Grierson Ltd Harrison & Grierson Ltd
Duration: 5 months 5 months
Value: $969 000 $1402 600

Stage 2A project involved the complete renewal of the Okahu Bay Yacht Club car park and hard stand area for the Royal Akaran Yacht Club.

Stage 2B continued on from 2A. The continuation of the car parking and hard stand area and the demolition of existing buildings. Installation of a large storm water filter, public toilets and wash down area as well as all services and drainage.

Bucklands Beach Sewage Storage Tank – Design & Build

Client: Manukau Water
Contact: Pip Batty
Value: $1 820 000
Commenced: November 2005
Commissioned: May 2006

The Buckland Beach Storage Tank is situated on the parade Buckland Beach. It will take the overflow off from the surrounding residential area so the overflow doesn’t go out into the tide. The contract consisted of design and build 1 27m ong by 19m wide 4.2m deep in ground storage tank. The works involved 3200m3 of bulk excavation. Installation of 37, 3.5m long anchor piles into rock. Set out and installation of 300m thick pre-cast panel walls with approx 700mm case in-situ stitch joints. The floor a 350mm thick double reinforced 30mpa, 10% micro silica cast in-situ with 400×400 columns on a 5.4m x 6.3m grid for the 525 deep by 300mm wide beams to sit on for the 260 thick two way load distribution doubly reinforced cast in-situ roof slab. With a point loading of 13.5 tonne. There has been a 6m deep pump station with valve chamber and wet well and all associated pipe works. To complete full restoration of the car park and hard stand area for the Yacht Club Boats.

Queen Street Overland Flow Path – Queen Street Pukekohe

Client: Franklin District Council
Consultant: Opus International Consultants Ltd assisted by Urban Solutions Ltd
Duration: December 2006 – April 2007
Value: $535 000

The contract was to construct the existing carriageway some 200m long, lowering the midpoint 600mm to create an overland flow path for the adjacent new subdivision. Traffic control was in place for the duration of the contract. The types of traffic control ranged from shoulder closure to road closure.

The contract included laying 150m of 675mm diameter concrete pipe which crossed the live carriageway twice. Three smaller diameter pipes also crossed the live road. The carriageway included the cutting to waste of 1900m3. The compaction of 1000m3 of TNZ40 basecourse and GAP65 sub-base.

Asphaltic concrete paving of 2400m2 and 380m of machine laid kerb and channel, 860m line marking to finished TNZ quality and road signage. Concrete works of the contract include 800m2 of footpaths and 520m2 of vehicle crossings.

RD1 Stages 1-3 at 219-227 Manukau Road Pukekohe

Client: Race Park Retail
Consultant: Dodd Civil Ltd
Duration: September 2006 – April 2007
Total Value: $1 313 000

The contract involved stormwater drainage of 1100m and 21 manholes. Five large soakholes were also built totalling 950m3. 150m of 180mm ODPE watermain and 64m of 125mm ODPE watermain. Power and Telecom ducting were also installed totalling 500m.


Stormwater– 17 maholes, 600dia=73m, 375dia=126m, 300dia=116m, 225dia=117m, 225pvc=410m, 150pvc=150m, 5 built, total of 950m3.

Wastewater– maholes=4, 150dia pvc = 110m

Watermain– 180 ODPE=145m, 125 ODPE=64m, Chambers=2, Hydrants=2

Other– 250m power ducts, 250m Telecom ducts and chamber, Total area paved=8000m2, Concrete and timber retaining walls=$250k.

RD1’s first complex of this size stocking a lot more new products. Also to build on the development is Ford’s new dealership and three other sites still available.

Takanini Retail Developments – Mitre 10 Mega Shopping Centre 10 Great South Road Takanini

Client: Retail Projects Ltd, P O Box 99 887 Newmarket
Contact: Daryl Henry
Value: $2 400 000
Commenced: January 2004
Commissioned: October 2004

This project was constructed in 3 stages:

Critical Stage 1 – was to build platforms consisting of 4000m3 of rock. This stage was critical as it had to be finished so the builders could commence the warehouses.

Stage 2 – The construction of the drainage. In this project we completed 400m sanitary sewer, 150mm concrete pipes, 5 giant sand filters, 2400m of stormwater ranging from 150mmto 750mm pipe. During the drainage stage we also installed 2225lm ducting.

Stage 3 – The car park and road construction. This consisted of 19835m2 of hot mix, 2100m kerb and channel and 3200m3 of pavement construction.

We also picked up the stormwater works on the Great South Road where we laid 85m of 750mm pipe in the berm with a twin 675m culvert and 74m of 675mm twin concrete pipe. There were 3 manholes ranging from 2300mm to 1800mm and one mega pit unit placed along the entrance to Foodtown and Palmers Garden Centre. We completed the work with full reinstatement.

The works on the Great South Road required major traffic control for the flow of traffic on the Great South Road Takanini as well as the roundabout and the entrances to Foodtown and Palmers Garden Centre. There were no hitches. The End Client for the stormwater works is Papakura District Council. The project ran to schedule and budget.

Wattle Farm Sewage Pump Station

Client: Manukau Water
Engineer: Harrison & Grierson
Value: $800 000
Commenced: October 2003
Commissioned: October 2004

This project was constructed in 3 stages:

This contract was for the construction of a new pump to service the new subdivision and the existing Wattle Downs area. It was the first of its kind to be built in this country being 14m deep and having a RL of -5.34 below sea level. A 250mm PE line had to be drilled 233m long through mudstone toa finihsed depth of 14m. The profile for the Pump Station had to be blased and the vertical faces of the hole had to be shot creted with 665 mesh to a depth of 100mm. The storage chamber consisted of precast concrete panels that had to be crained in and then finished to be watertight with a ground water level of 7.8meters. This was an amazing project that won a Caltex Construction Award.

Waiau Beach to Glenbrook Beach Water Supply Upgrade – Design & Build

Client: Franklin District Council
Consultant: Opus International
Value: $800 000
Commenced: October 2005

The contract was to lay 1330m of 2300mm ODPE Pipe through farm land by open cut trenching and 400m through the estuary.

There were also valve chambers and air valves to be installed and a 1100kva power cable had to be installed along side the PE pipe.

This was a very complex contract as the pipe line had to be sunk into a trench in the estuary after being welded together.

Thoroughbred Training Tracks (equivalent to roads)

Pukekohe Training Track – Design & Build

Client: Auckland Racing Club
Consultant: McInnes Read & Lucas Ltd
Duration: 6 months Dec 2004 – May 2005
Total Value: $1 998 000
Design/Build: completed on time and under budget.

It was essential that this project was awarded to the right contractor because the job was quite unique. Gary Harris – Director of Jesmond Construction, was involved with the design from the start. He understood exactly what was required because he was in the racing industry having owned and trained horses.This project involved large quantities of pipe work, earthworks and recontouring. Jesmond Construction submitted design criteria in regards to the drainage system as to the guarding of the environment in the area.The final design of the all-weather training track was set to be 15m wide, 1750m in circumference and to be lit by a lighting system that would enable racing trainers to work teams of horses consistently all year round starting from 5am onwards. The track has proved to be of world class standard.

Rolling Downs Style Training Track

Client: Nakhle & Clotworthy Family
Consultant: Harrison & Grierson
Duration: 3 months 2005
Total Value: $520 453

A 2200m rolling downs style training track build over hills. This still had to have a sub base equivalent to a road so the water would run off into the connecting pipe grid to take the water away.

Ngatea Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Client: Hauraki District Council
Consultant: Bruce Wallace & Partners
Duration: 4 months 2003
Total Value: $520 000

This contract involved the total upgrade of the Ngatea sewage treatment plant. It consisted of the building of a 6m deep pump station, the installation of two 500sqm slag filter beds and a floating plastic baffle across the existing sewage ponds. There was also the associated pipework and roading.